The Great Outdoors, wild Horses, Epic Mountains, Golden Hours, local Breweries

... these are a few of my favorite (wedding) things ...


Hello, Friends!

My name is Heather...

I am a wedding photographer, a farm girl, an adventurer, outdoor enthusiast, and lover of the light.  I moved to Denver, Colorado from New York City in 2016 after receiving my MA from Columbia University in Art Education & Photography in search of dramatic landscapes and big open skies.  

I love unconventional weddings.  I encourage my couples to lean into their uniqueness, letting their wedding day tell their own narrative – be artistic, be free, and run with your love.  Weddings have the power to bring people together and inspire others.  This is my creative fuel and what allows me to tell your personal narrative with my camera.  

Her photography is beautiful but not artificial. She captures moods in the best light, and takes stories rather than pictures.
— Halcyon Magazine