Heather Erny

Come along for the ride!  

About Me:

Believe it or not, I began riding before I could even walk!  I was lucky enough to grow up in a "horsey" family and spent ALL my free time as a kid hanging at the barn, mucking stalls, practicing braiding manes, brushing the horses, and riding every chance I could.  

I was definitely a "barn rat" and if you're looking for a great read about what that means, check out Be The Barn Rat by Mary Johnson.  

Where It All Began!  Brushing Pete Back In The 90's

Heather on Pete when she was about 5

Heather & her horse, Aralimbo 2017

My Education & Riding: 

I went to The Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, CT (an all girls boarding school) to pursue my riding further.  While I was there, I served as the Varsity Equestrian Team Captain, the Head of Riding Team as 12-semester participant on Varsity Team, as well as the Head of Riding Club and 5 years competing with IEA before graduating in 2008.  I got to travel with our team on the circuit and attend two winters of WEF with Linda Langmeier and the Prant Family. 

I took a year off after high school to ride and it was during that time that I began working for Frank Chapot and some other top trainers.  I was lucky to get to show a lot during that time and really focus on my technical skills while learning the ins-and-outs of the horse business.  

After that, I went to The College of New Jersey in Ewing, NJ where I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude in May 2012.  I continued to ride full-time and got my USEF professional's card once I began training, showing, and teaching as a career path.  

I then moved on to Columbia University, Teachers College in NYC to pursue a Master of Arts in Art & Art Education.  I focused a lot on photography during that time as I officially launched my business, Erny Photo CO, in New York.  However, I still kept up my love of riding where I served as the Graduate Advisor and Webmaster for the Columbia University Equestrian Team at the Bergen County Equestrian Center.  It was there that I competed on Columbia’s IHSA Team and All-Ivies at Dartmouth College.  

I graduated from Columbia in 2016 and moved out to Arvada, CO a few weeks later!  Erny Photo CO keeps me busy, especially during wedding season, but I am lucky enough to have been able to bring my horse, Aralimbo out from New Jersey and teach lessons at ARS Equestrian.  It's been a great journey so far and I can't wait to see what's ahead.  


Trainers I've Worked With In The Past:

I've had some great opportunities in the past to be trained with and for some of the top Hunter / Jumper riders in the industry.  I could never have made it this far without their expertise and wisdom! 

  • Penny Kinnally, Bergen County Eq Center, 2014–2016

  • Cory Kieschnick, Delaware Valley College, 2012

  • Ken Berkley, River’s Edge Farm, 2008

  • Frank Chapot, Chado Farms, 2008

  • Jenny Fischer, River View Farm, 2008

  • Gary Zook, Millbrook Farm, 2008

  • Linda Kossick-Langmeier, EWS, 2004 – 2008

  • Bonnie Lass, Bonnie Lass Stables, 1995—2003 

Gilly 2016

 Our two dogs:  Rumor (left) & Riddle (right)

Our two dogs:  Rumor (left) & Riddle (right)

What I Like To Do In My Free Time:

Wait, free time... what's that?  Just kidding!  My schedule is indescribably busy – which I thrive on – but I do have some other hobbies, too!  I have two dogs, Riddle (a Hunt Terrier) who is a wheel chair dog with a lot to say, and Rumor (a Doberman) who is a rescue dog that we got from a sandwich shop.  That's a great story so remember to ask about that one!  They keep me pretty busy, as well as our four NYC-themed chickens:  Hattie, Harlem, Broadway, and Highline who are constantly getting into trouble and laying eggs wherever they feel like it!

I love being outdoors and try to get out into nature as much as possible.  Hiking, camping, and pretty much any lake / river activity you can think of, I'm game for!  I also love cooking and hosting dinner parties!  My veggie garden this year has been a bit of a bust since I can't seem to keep my dogs from running through my beds and my chickens from eating all my leaves!  Oh well...  I still have the farmer's market and try to hit the fresh fruits and veggies as much as possible.  

Our "Chickies" when they were little!