So as you already know, Terrence and I are engaged and with that comes a lot of reasons to celebrate, but also a lot of opportunities to be very deliberate about the type of marriage we want.  For us, the most important things are always openness, creativity, communication, and partnership.  

We are lucky to have a few couples who embody what we really admire in a marriage and have been both inspiring and reassuring to us as we begin our journey down this road.  So having said all of that, you are one of those (three) couples that we constantly come back to as being f-ing awesome, so I wanted to compile some of your experiences and perspective into a journal to give to him. 

So thanks for being epic in our eyes and for taking the time out to write back :)

Heather (don't tell T)

 Cute pic of Riddle, just because...

Cute pic of Riddle, just because...

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