Our Engagement!

That's right...


Well, Heather and I are now engaged.  Christmas morning was filled with snow and diamonds.  I was never nervous; our communication and conversations on the topic made it impossible.  Thinking of all of the creative energy and love we have to bring to the world propelled my heart into action.  

We have disputes, but they are usually about the process of understanding one's emotions.  They rarely end poorly, and we usually move towards a unified perspective on any given topic.  I love her for that. 

Our past is only filled with love, creativity, and achievement; and it's difficult to imagine a future that doesn't contain the same.  If life can be broken down into a pattern of decision-making, I couldn't have picked a better partner.  It really helped me to look at all the things we have done to fight the enemy of worry.  

Now all we have to focus on is building capital to fund the foundation of our future.  The hunt for a home, a mountain, and a wedding venue begins... 

 Our White Christmas at our family's farm, Honeymoon Acres in Ramsey, NJ PC:  Mary Erny

Our White Christmas at our family's farm, Honeymoon Acres in Ramsey, NJ
PC:  Mary Erny

I think my favorite part about our proposal was that Terrence started it by saying, "We did it, babe".  

In life's most important moments, we are a team.  It wasn't 'Will you marry me", or "I love you", necessarily... it was we and us.  

We have always based our relationship on the following values: communication, openness, rationality, creativity, and community.  Our ability to create together is what we both believes makes us strong.  We have dated for a little over three years, and in that time we have built this strong foundation of communication, moved across the country together, expanded our fur family, hosted dozens of dinner parties, and published a book, just to name a few.  

Lust and physical attraction may fade over time, and if we based our engagement on those values, then I believe we would be setting ourselves up for failure.  But instead, we have based our engagement on the promise to create together and find rational ways to work through the storms that life throws you way.  


We decided that we wanted to honor tradition and legacy, while building upon our own values.  I never imagined myself having a diamond ring until Nana offered us this one.  It's vintage, with one center stone surrounded by six small diamonds, but what really caught my eye was the story behind it: 

 Nana wearing the ring one last time right before she gave it to Terrence

Nana wearing the ring one last time right before she gave it to Terrence

 Nana admiring the ring afterwards

Nana admiring the ring afterwards

Heather’s grandmother, Betty, got this ring from her grandfather, Hermann, 64 years ago in 1953. 

The story goes that Hermann’s boss randomly took him to a jeweler and when Hermann said that he had to save up for one, his boss offered to advance his pay. When he gave it to Betty, she couldn’t believe how much she loved it. Hermann worried like most men do when picking out jewelry for their special someone, but the love and hard work that went into this stone signified more beauty than any karat ever could.

Fast forward to the 21st century and Heather’s finger is the same size. We hope to carry on a tradition of hard work, longevity, creativity, and love that Betty and Hermann started. 

When I put my knee in the snow this White Christmas morning in her grandparents backyard, as the wind blew the snow from the tree branches, all I had hoped for was that we would make them proud.

To all the creative traditions in your lives, and may they be filled with immeasurable love.

– Terrence & Heather