About Heather...

I am a wedding photojournalist – chasing uniqueness, telling stories, pushing boundaries, and an artist first and foremost.  

I have boundless energy and incomparable determination.  I drink my coffee very, very strong.  I'm not afraid to challenge the status quo... maybe it's the New Yorker in me.  I moved to Arvada, Colorado with my fiancé, Terrence, in 2016 and we live in a tiny cottage with our quirky pets.  We don't own a TV and probably never will.  I pretty much never pick up on movie references, either.  

My animals are a huge part of my life.  I am a farm girl to the core and have my own collection of "Black and Tan" animals (two dogs, four chickens, and horse).  I have been riding my whole life and tend to be pretty fearless on horseback.  My warmblood Aralimbo is a beast, but I love him.  

Dinner parties are my jam.  Community tables, long strings of lights, a crackling bonfire, warm conversations and cold beer.  Someone strumming a guitar to acoustic covers.  Getting mismatched groups of people together and coming together over a shared meal is one of my favorite things to do.  

My most recent "passion project" is a book that Terrence and I wrote and published together, The Immeasurable Cookbook; it's awesome and you should go buy it (shameless plug).  

I am bit of a synesthetic and will often talk about light in abstract terms.  I get freakishly excited about golden hour.  Once, I brought our whole flock of chickens out on the front yard with me because I thought "they would enjoy the sunset".  Normal, right?

In my free time I love hiking, camping, road trips, hitting up breweries, museum hopping, and hammock cuddles.  I'm always up for wandering off the beaten path, getting lost, following a scent, and unwinding off the grid.  



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